“Avalon Bay, Catalina” - Original Serigraph, 22" x 15"
Edition 25, $400

High on the hill overlooking Avalon Bay at Catalina Island, California, I sat in my rented golf cart and surveyed the world below. I recorded this scene with my camera and then wondered what it might have been like to arrive on this island on my yacht.

“Catalina Sailboat” - Original Serigraph, 16" x 20.5"
Edition 15, $400

We enjoyed the one hour ferry ride across the Pacific from Long Beach to Catalina Island. As the island came into view I pulled out my camera and began to take pictures. This was one of the first scenes that I captured and it made quite a good first impression on me.

“State Theater, Falls Church” - Original Serigraph, 22" x 16"
Edition 25, $350

When I was twelve years old I enjoyed the Saturday matinees at the State. These days the State has become a top venue for music and fields some great musical entertainment. I was lucky when I arrived to take pictures to see a gentleman setting up the marquee.