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New Sculpture Installed at Euro Motor Cars in Bethesda, Maryland

Donald and Brian (fabrication and installation team), on the ladders positioning a segment of the stainless steel sculpture. The heavy pieces were lowered into place on straps, the mounting positon marked onto the template and studs drilled and tightened.

Here I am with the finished piece immediately after the installation in the newly completed showroom on Arlington Road in Bethesda. I designed this piece using a 1956 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing as a model. It is fabricated from 5/8 inch stainless steel rod. Many thanks go to the owners of Euro Motors, the architectural firm of ACG, David Cooper for his vision and Christine Richards for her patient help.











New Artwork Installed at National Education Association headquarters
in Washington, DC

I have just finished installing my new mural for the National Education Association at their Washington, DC headquarters on 16th and M Streets. Entitled "Show and Tell Day," the colorful cut-outs of elementary age children at a bus stop features a boy showing a frog he has captured as well as six other children, a bigger-than-lifesize bus and driver. So you might appreciate the scale of this project, the bus driver is eight feet tall. Each child is multi-layered giving the piece a real three-dimensional effect.

Oil painting installed at Edmund Flynn,Co. in Washington, DC.

I just recently finished and installed this 7 X 5 foot oil painting of the interior of Washington DC's Air and Space Musuem.

Newly completed commissions are colorful and fun!

Left - This edition of original serigraphs was recently created for the National Air Traffic Control Association. It showsThomas Circle and the association's headquarters on Mass. Avenue.

Below - This old Willy's Jeepster is proudly owned by one of my customers who now also owns a small edition of orignal serigraphs and an oil painting of his car.

The builder of this gorgeous home (below) in Fredericksburg, Virginia commissioned me to paint this acrylic portrait of his creation to present to
the new owner of this house.

This original serigraph shonw below was commissioned as
a 60th birthday present for one of my patrons by his wife. It features his car, his home and his son. I'm happy to discuss your art needs any time you'd like to call me at my studio. I'm currently involved in some very exciting projects that I would be pleased to show you.

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